The Meredith Athletic Field and Track Complex opened tonight with a double header track meet and soccer game. It was a very nicely done event where I was given pink beads and a rally towel to cheer on the Meredith Avenging Angels.  The game was well attended and the home team was up 1-0 when the weather that had been so nice started to get a bit chilly.  (Don’t read that as a complaint – I like every degree lower than 70.)

Having seen the area progress from a distance since they started to dig it was cool seeing it up close for the first time.  I don’t know much about field turf technology and less about track technology but from this novice’s opinion it looked like a first rate facility.  The sound system could use a little work but I’ve never heard of one being ready on opening day for a new stadium so that is nothing new.

Congrats to the school for taking the plunge and investing in athletics – something that may not have always seemed like a priority for an all women’s college.  Also congrats to the President of the college for scoring the first (albeit) honorary goal.  It was nice to see the support from her as well.  All said – I survived it wearing pink beads and all – GO ANGELS!