Or maybe the title should be “OPA! SparkCon” – either way a great night out and about in Raleigh.  First we visited the Greek Festival for some Moussaka, Pastitsio with Stuffed Grape Leaves and for dessert some Loukoumathes.  And no – I can’t pronounce any of those but trust me they are all excellent.  After eating a good meal and hanging out and listening to a little Greek music we headed over to SparkCon in downtown.

SparkCon is a an annual event self described “creative potluck” and has various creative outlets all over Fayetteville Street – including one of my favorites – chalk street art.  Something about the temporary nature of the pieces makes them completely fascinating.

It is fun seeing the pieces in various stages of completion and knowing that it is only a matter of time before they disappear.  More pictures after the jump – if you are interested in either event you’ll have to wait till next year to attend.  This blog is a lot of things but timely – it isn’t our strong suit.