The Fourth of July is a celebration of freedom. As an American it is your patriotic duty to celebrate with fireworks, cold beer and bacon-wrapped pimento cheese hotdogs. Yes – they are as awesome as they sound and so good we forgot to take a picture of them. Don’t worry – we’ll ramp things up another level next year. Caffeinated bacon-wrapped pimento cheese hotdog?

Yes – I’ll take two.

So the pictures after the jump show our short tour through an unnamed local broadcast facility on Fayetteville Street, a short stop with some wrestlers (give me liberty or give me spandex) and the view from the pool deck of one of the tallest buildings in Raleigh – where we watched the fireworks. Other than a slight elevator issue that resulted in two of our folks having to run up the stairs the night was fairly uneventful.

So as I said in my tweet yesterday “Kicking ass and taking names since July 4, 1776.”
And there are no plans on stopping any time soon.