So it is January and everyone is focusing on wellness. I got a chance to visit the new bR3 Spa in Durham that just recently opened for a little relaxation. They are a holistic and alternative-healing spa. I wanted to check out Floatation Therapy. Flotation Therapy is supposed to help with short-term sensory deprivation. The experience involves a light-less, sound proof tank filled with a high dosage (1,000 lbs) of magnesium salt water (at body temperature), in which the body becomes completely buoyant. The skin absorbs magnesium from the salt, further assisting with relaxation and wellbeing. The benefits of float therapy include reduced inflammation, re-hydrate skin tissue, and reduced stress.

With so many distractions that surround us everyday I thought this would be the perfect way to relax and to kick off the new year right. Here is what I experienced: The spa is brand new and a great space. The flotation therapy area has a changing area, a shower and the tub. The staff is super friendly and walked me through the whole process.You shower before getting into the tub. You are required to wear ear plugs. They are mandatory to help protect your ears from the salt. You float in a tub full of salt water with lights that change color. It is so very relaxing. You can do a sixty or ninety minute session. I am a scuba diver and it reminded me of that type of experience. Very quiet and extremely calming.

If you are looking for a way to de-stress after the holidays this is the perfect activity. I would highly recommend checking out bR3 Spa. They are located off the same exit as Southpoint mall.

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