This is the fox decoy that is hanging out around the office to deal with the goose problem we’ve been having.  I am now taking suggestions for what to do with the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Ground rules are – the fox can not be damaged or moved. Otherwise – I’m game.

The notification of our new friends…

Most of you are aware that we were unsuccessful with the recent application of spray deterrent to keep the Canadian geese away from the buildings.  We are not sure why it didn’t work as we have had success with it a other locations.   Our next course of action is the use of predatory decoys, which have been proven to be effective.  I have purchased two fox decoys that you will probably see around the buildings.  It is important that we move them around regularly  and I wanted to alert everyone so that no one would be alarmed should they come across one of them.

I’m thinking a costume of some type is in order.


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