So we don’t really plug other people’s stuff much – that really isn’t what this ego-driven self centered little blog is all about.  That being said this is a pretty cool opportunity for all of you out there that have DSLR/digital cameras and perhaps like myself could use a little more instruction on how to use them.


Check out the Raleigh Parks and Recreation Digital Photography Contest and Workshops on October 16, 2010 at Barwell Road Community Center.  They are also having a Digital Photography Contest ($5 entry fee) of which I was informed I was not eligible to participate (this only increases your odds – that would be my entry to the right).

There will be workshops on Lighting and Potraits, Wildlife and Nature, Tabletop Photography and Macro Photography.  More details in the files below.  The instructors are from Peace Camera (one of my favorite places to get good info on equipment) so for the low price of $5 this is a pretty good deal.  It will cost another $5 to enter your photo (per image) and that is a bargain too.

So if you are in town and not watching football (ECU and NCSU fans are excused to watch the game in G-vegas) you should go.  I’ll be getting my picture taken with Big Tex and eating Deep Fried Beer so I won’t be joining you.  If you have questions email these guys for answers.