Again? We really did this again? After the four years in a row we go for a fifth. Probably more literally a fifth than any of us care to admit and as much of a mistake as anything could be. So we wore pretzel necklaces (thanks Courtney) and had samples of everything that could be poured into a glass. How much bourbon can you drink? This is one way to find out.

This year was special because it fell on my birthday and as luck would have it Travis was able to come up and join us from Dallas, TX. I’m not sure if this was a good thing or a great thing but it was definitely something. We had a great time that lasted until the next morning and a headache that lasted well into Sunday.

Special thanks to Gary and the karaoke bus, the update on why overalls have an inherent danger of exposure, the nice folks who poured us too much beer and bourbon, the BBQ folks, the Cook Out folks and everyone that went along on this year’s excursion into the depths of liver damage that has become a tradition.

Next year? Not sure if I can handle another one of these. We’ll see.