Last year was the last episode in the trilogy of craziness simply known as B3 – the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival. This year was the first year of a whole new level known as the Beer, Bourbon, BBQ and Bus. From this point forward known as B4 as in before the headache, before the indigestion and before we knew what hit us. Did anyone make it out in one piece?

We’ve attended this event in the past and I’ve had nice write-ups [2009] [2010] [2011]- this time? Some people don’t really remember the second half of the night. Fortunately I do and I can tell you this much – the images you see below don’t tell the full scope of the story. It was insanity. For some of you that were there this is the first time you’ve ever seen these. Don’t worry – the worst of the lot have been deleted. I expect you to do the same.

Thanks to all the participants in the mayhem – it was probably the best birthday party I’ve had since I turned 21. I know – it just happened to coincide but it was fun. Need proof?

Thanks again to everyone that went along for the ride both literally and figuratively. The bow tie? I went around all night convincing people I was the Mayor of South Carolina.

No good reason why I did it and really no good reason why people believed me.


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