The Western Carolina Catamounts almost got another shot at the NCAA Tournament. And while I know close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades I am proud of alma mater on showing up and making a game of it.

No – I won’t be taking my 1996 Road to the Final Four shirt out of the frame and racing across the country to see them play. This was very likely the end of their season. There is no second chance NIT for the little guys. We just fold up and call it a year.  It’s what makes the NCAA Tournament so special and what so many big schools have forgotten.

Those of us on Twitter last night got to see Western Carolina trend worldwide. Small feat? Maybe – but when you are a small school in a one horse town in the mountains of North Carolina that no one East of Asheville reports on – you’ll take it.

Congratulations to Davidson on being the 2012 Southern Conference Champions and good luck in the big dance.  As badly as I want to watch my team pull off a near miss like they did in 1996 I’ll have no problem pulling for you. My team is headed home to stay but it is official. March Madness is starting to get underway. Even Dikembe Mutombo understands the importance of that.


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