No election is ever completely without controversy but we seemed to make it out with the least amount possible and have the theme of Comic Book Heroes: League of Speed. In other words – run the Monster Dash and wear a cape.

Don’t forget to sign-up for team Milk Money Mafia and more importantly – don’t forget to wear a costume – and even more importantly don’t forget that we will be running a 5K – something to consider when making costume decisions

More in the coming days as we get ready to go UP, UP AND AWAY!!!


  1. If I thought we had seven dwarves ready to show up I would. Chloe and the four people standing on their knees isn’t really much of a theme. League of Speed is going to be a blast and 23.1 miles less than you are running so win-win for us.

  2. ok if you mix it up that might work. But seriously – you don’t see Tony Stark fighting crime – you see IronMan. You dont see Pater Parker fighting crime – it’s SpiderMan. You get the drift.
    Leaders lead by example. Set the standard.

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