Thursday night – Christmas Eve Eve or Festivus – we went to the Nasher Museum of Art on Duke University’s campus.  Pretty cool art museum and definitely worth the short ride from Raleigh to Durham to see it.  The really cool part is they let you take pictures in the museum.  So after the jump I have some of my favorites from their permanent collection.


On a side note I recommend to a friend recently that they use Google’s Picasa 3 for simple photo viewing and editing.  I had read great things and even used the program for viewing but had never editing a photo in it.  I have Photoshop – why would I?  After making the recommendation I figured I should use it.  Bottom line – it really is great.  Odds are I will edit a lot more photos like this in the future.  No it won’t do everything Photoshop will do and for some of my needs I’ll still use the bigger program.  For ease of use and simplicity – Picasa is awesome.  I edited all the pictures in this gallery in a very short amount of time. Flash wasn’t allowed in the gallery so all the photos needed a little work.

So on this snowy day – download Picasa and when the snow stops swing by the Nasher.  Admission is cheap on a regular day and free on Thursday.  Unless of course we caused “the last free day” which is another story for another time.