An underground vault with a unique style and a lot of fun art? Sounds great. Put it all in a historic building with a lot of character and you have a great place to visit. Right? Make it reasonably close in Durham and you have no reason not to stop in.

Located in the heart of downtown Durham and occupying the historic Hill Building, 21c Museum Hotel Durham is a 125-room boutique hotel, contemporary art museum, cultural civic center, and home to Counting House restaurant. Stay with us and the iconic Fuchsia Penguin.

When we stopped in at the CurEat App launch event we had the chance to check out 21c Museum Hotel Durham. It was a quick visit – traffic was typical for a Friday evening in the Triangle and we already had dinner reservations in Chapel Hill. We did as much as we could on a quick trip and left enough to want to go back and see more. The next trip will definitely involve a visit to the Counting House (their bar/restaurant onsite) and a lot more time to visit the museum collection.

If you go – don’t miss the restrooms on the second floor. The glass windows are transparent until the doors are locked as demonstrated by CaraDMc. Pro tip – don’t forget to lock the door.