As most of you are aware hockey fan I am not. Don’t get me wrong – it is a difficult and challenging as any sport out there and when I do watch it I enjoy it. I just have a hard time with the existing distractions in my life to really follow it and get into it.  All that being said I am really excited about the All Star game and “Wide Open” celebration planned for downtown Raleigh.  It is enough to make me pull out my bandwagon card again and jump on.  At the very least I am circling January 28-30th on my calendar.

If you want the scoop there is a great write up on here and the website for the event is here.

In a nutshell the event promises – 3 Doors Down Free Concert, Flying Aces Performance Area (Winter and summer Olympians, World Champions, and top-ranked acrobatic athletes perform their skills in a trampoline show), The T Stage (Fashion Shows, Mascots on Parade, Dance Performances, Eating Contests and more will make for wall-to-wall fun the entire weekend), Snow My Yard & Inflatable NHL Enforcers (a manmade wintry snow mix lets kids of all ages sled down a hill into the inflated arms of NHL hockey ‘enforcers’).

Rumor is there may even be a hockey game in the middle of all of that mayhem.  I am already trying to figure out how to get BobG in the mix for the eating competition because have you ever seen that guy eat a Twinkie?  Amazing!