So the new NHL All-Star Game logo is making the rounds and it is pretty exciting that the game is coming to Raleigh in 2011.  I was equally surprised to see that the logo looked a lot like a Dr. Pepper logo.  Maybe it is the color or the shape but those two logos look a lot like each other.

We’ll do our best to keep tabs on the build up to the game and more importantly and cool stuff that comes our way.  That’s a huge hint to both the All-Star Game and Dr. Pepper that if you want more love headed your way from NOSVC you could be cool and send us something.  We aren’t picky – tickets would be nice.  Box seats would be better.  A six pack of Dr. Pepper and a t-shirt would work.  Make it Diet Dr. Pepper – Cara likes that and always gets excited when restaurants have it.

Seriously – looking forward to this spectacle as it gets played out in our backyard.  I might be mistaken but I think this is the first game of its kind to come to North Carolina and perhaps the biggest game since the Rose Bowl was played at Wallace Wade in 1942.

More info here – including info on the design elements included in the logo.