“It’s the flavoring and spices of pizza, you’ve got tomato and oregano in there as well,” he says. “There is actual tomato paste and tomato powder, although it doesn’t change the consistency. It’s not thick. But the tomato adds flavor and color, and you can taste tomato.”


Pizza and beer are a match made in heaven but a beer that tastes like pizza? That sounds a little risky. Martin House Brewing Company in Fort Worth, TX made this happen and it is surprising. It is a really good beer but what is surprising is how the first taste takes your memory directly to the old-school Pizza Hut Pan Pizza. (Not the new pan.) Is it the best beer you’ve had? Probably not. Is it the most unique beer you’ll ever try? Most likely.

I can’t see anyone enjoying more than one but I definitely think you want to try one if you can find it. And that may be the most difficult piece of the puzzle. This is a unicorn of a beer that you aren’t likely to find in the 919 area code. Fortunately, our Dallas connection sent us one or we’d be wondering what a pizza beer tasted like as well.