Less than a block away from the infamous Texas Theatre on the outskirts of downtown Dallas is an amazing dining experience with the perhaps intentionally underwhelming name of Small Brewpub. The restaurant is small and they are brewing beer but the name undersells the gourmet food being served.

We decided to maximize our experience by creating our own sampling of food and ordering multiple menu items to share as a table vs. individual entrees. While not my idea I was definitely a benefactor in this approach. This created a wide array of foods on the table from the pickle board, beet board, smoked tilefish, lamb cannelloni, ricotta dumplings, pork shoulder, and a chocolate and fruit dessert.

The food was as excellent in taste as it was a presentation so the pictures aren’t lying here. The beer selection was very good with a particularly memorable IPA on the menu. I would rate this as a great dining experience and would highly recommend creating your own sampling from their menu. From what I understand it rotates regularly so this is a place you could frequent – even if it was just for the pickle board.