DSC_7743Neomonde (known on Twitter as one of my favorite places to eat) has a sister restaurant in North Raleigh named Sassool. Carrying on a legacy and a family tradition Sassool has excellent Mediterranean food and an atmosphere that is welcoming.

Sassool offers monthly cooking classes and we actually had time to take a class in February. For just $10 you hang out and watch Chef Simone prepare wonderful dishes. You even get to sample these delicious plates!

This month’s menu featured healthy dishes which included a lean bean stir fry, roasted sweet potato and fig salad, quinoa pilaf and a crustless eggplant tomato pie. They were all wonderful but my favorite dish was the sweet potato and fig salad. I just loved the sweetness from the figs.

The other thing you get by taking the class is a coupon for 10% off grocery items. This allowed me to pick up a few things so we could try these yummy dishes at home.

Chef Simone did a great job fielding questions from people and explaining the different recipes. I loved the class and look forward to taking some more classes in the future.