Our post on Caffeinated Wild Turkey American Honey BBQ Sauce is #5 on Topless Robot’s 8 Fantastic Delivery Methods for Caffeine

How can you not like this from the title alone? Mind you, unlike the other items on this list, it is not a product you can buy, but a recipe you can make, so it requires some effort. Therefore, if you feel too lazy to make this, take one of the other items on this list and find the energy. I mean, you’ve got pretty much the three basic American food groups here – caffeine, barbecue and booze. You’re going to get buzzed, drunk and fat IN ONE CONVENIENT SUBSTANCE! You can’t really get much better than this unless you dropped a hamburger in a giant mug of beer and chugged it while inhaling ground French roast.

This is a recipe I created prior to a cookout at Nick’s house – completely on the fly.  How cool is that? The added bonus? The sauce is actually pretty good and I kept notes while I was making it so I could make it again.

Thanks Topless Robot for stopping by and sharing a little NOSVC with your readers. If you follow the recipe and make the sauce let me know how it goes.