KK-SQRL02What do you do with doughnuts leftover from the Krispy Kreme Challenge? Krispy Kreme SQIRL Jam Doughnut. Simple and better than you might expect.

I took the otherwise stale sugar crusted doughnut. Cut the doughnut in half. Add SQIRL Jam I used (Cranberry and Bourbon – thanks Claire) to both sides. Toast in the oven. Done when the areas not covered by jam begin to toast. Reassemble. (Don’t have access to SQIRL? I suggest you use a tart jam/jelly to work against the sugar on the doughnut.)

The finished product was better than any jelly doughnut I’d ever had. The doughnut was more like a ‘hot and now’ should be with the sugar slightly melted and the tartness from the jam cut the overall sweetness and gave it a great flavor profile. Call it a sweet/sour or maybe even a east/west combo.

I think this recipe rivals the toast we tried at SQIRL in L.A. Then again I really like Krispy Kreme doughnuts so maybe I am biased.