When in Charleston, you must pay homage to seafood. This event celebrates all things seafood. We rolled up our sleeves and got to peel some shrimp and crack some crab. Oh yes, and did we mention the views? This event was held at the Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park with stunning views of Charleston Harbor.

We tried some of the most interesting things at the It’s a Shore Thing event. We tried pulled alligator from CRU. It was really good. Their presentation was amazing. The whole alligator was on display while you ate this delicacy. They were 50 to 60-pound

alligators that yielded about 30 pounds of meat.

I never had turtle before this weekend. When at the Charleston Wine and Food Festival you must try new things, right? One of the chefs had a turtle stew. The turtle was a snapping turtle that was flown in overnight from New Orleans. The stew was great and I really enjoyed the okra.

We also got to enjoy some blue crabs which are a lot of work! Normally find these beauties in Maryland so they were great to be able to enjoy them in South Carolina.

The venue was great and it was a perfect South Carolina day right on the water. It’s almost like they planned it that way. If they have this event again next year you want to make sure to attend because it really is a shore thing.