Ice Cream Social for Social JusticeWhen two of your favorite places in Raleigh decide to have an Ice Cream Social for Social Justice supporting the North Carolina Black Alliance you go ahead and have ice cream at both Union Special and Videri Chocolate in one night. Extra miles the next morning but absolutely no regret. Add in that the ice cream base was donated by the best ice cream place in the state (Howling Cow Creamery) and you may even want to brag about making two ice cream stops in one night. Or at least be prepared to speak at your next ice cream anonymous meeting.

What did we eat? We started the evening at Union Special with a brownie sundae topped with sesame brittle. The ice cream was good but the brownie and the brittle stole the show.  The brownie was outstanding but given our previous visits to Union Special, this was not a surprise. The sesame brittle was an amazing balance of sweetness and crunch. I had never had that as an ice cream topping but could see that as a nice addition to any sweet treat.

Union Special Ice Cream Sundae

The next stop was Videri Chocolate where we ventured outside of the chocolate to try the pear butter topping on vanilla ice cream. We tried the chocolate last time so this was an attempt to try something new and it was a good call. There was already a lot of chocolate in my evening after that brownie.

Videri Ice Cream

Both stops where great and if you haven’t been to either place let me highly recommend them both. We’re fortunate in Raleigh to have places like these and small business owners that care not only about their bottom line but the community they live in. Over $2000 was raised in one evening through their collaboration. For my small part, I got to be a little gluttonous for a good cause. Feel free to judge. In 2020 this isn’t even the weirdest thing you’ll hear this week.

If you missed the event and want to support the North Carolina Black Alliance you can always donate here.