It’s hot in Dallas, so you should definitely eat all the ice cream you can. We sampled this delicious treat across the city. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it. Here is our ice cream review of Dallas:

Motor Sisters Ice Cream
Last time we were in Dallas we made a trip to Fort Worth’s Melt. The ice cream was great. Motor Sisters Ice Cream is the brainchild of the owners of Melt. They dish up some awesome soft serve ice cream in crazy flavors in Dallas’s Food Truck Yard (which is described as an adult playground). We got to try the Vera Rubin: Layers of miso-butterscotch sauce with crushed wasabi bits and black sesame seeds. It was creative and delicious!

Hypnotic Emporium
Hypnotic Emporium was created by the folks at Hypnotic Doughnuts. So why not combine doughnuts and ice cream. It seems like the perfect idea to me! Anthony tried a doughnut sundae with banana ice cream between two layers of doughnut drizzled with marshmallow and hot fudge sauce. I had my ice cream in a salted pretzel cone which was awesome. It was the perfect combination of the sweet ice cream and the saltiness of the cone.

Hypnotic Emporium’s mission is to have a place where people could come with family and friends to create memories and you can do that with just one visit.

Empower Mint (Ben and Jerry’s)
A couple of weeks ago Ben and Jerry of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream came to North Carolina to announce their newest flavor, Empower Mint. It is a mint chocolate cookie ice cream. The philosophy behind the ice cream is that Democracy is in your hands and you should get out and vote.

They have an ice cream truck that is traveling around sharing the message and ice cream. Luckily we got a chance to try out the new flavor. If this ice cream doesn’t make you want to go out and vote, I don’t know what will. Check out the details on the project here.

Howdy Ice Cream
Ice cream for a cause? Of course, it is going to be good! Howdy Ice Cream works with special needs organizations to hire, train and employ people with Down Syndrome and Autism. Their mission is to change the way businesses hire people with special needs. I tried their specialty ice cream which is a Dr. Pepper chocolate chip flavor. It was great and tasted just like a Dr. Pepper another Texas native.

So that is it. One weekend in Dallas. Four ice cream flavors. Don’t ask me to pick my favorite because I can’t. They were all good! Maybe you should book a trip to Dallas to check them out yourself.