We finally made it over to H Mart. They are located at 1961 High House Road in Cary. H Mart is an Asian American Supermarket that has locations throughout the US.

Here is their mission statement:

Our mission is to offer the superior products, if that means we have to get our fish from the Fulton Fish Market, we do it.

If it means we have to negotiate directly with farmers, it’s done.

If it means we have to go out of our way, and bend over backwards for the best price, it’s just not a problem.

So when the time comes to make that “magical” meal… we think your ingredients had better be, better than the best.

This place is awesome. They have a food court area where you can grab something to eat. They offer Korean BBQ Chicken and other delicious Asian options. Their fresh fruit and veggie options are amazing- did someone say jack fruit or Chinese okra? They have a great seafood department with lots of fresh shrimp, crabs, and lobster. They have an amazing bakery with tons of cakes and beautiful pastries.

We went on a Saturday and they were sampling all types of delicious foods which was great. It allowed you to try some different things.

We got a bunch of fun snacks to try. We will try them and share them with you soon! In the mean time if you find yourself in Cary, make sure to check out H Mart.