On our H Mart Adventure we grabbed a few Korean snacks. We’ll be reviewing them and doing a little research on what we bought here. First two up are Crown Caramel Corns & Peanuts Snack and Orion Peanut and Squid Ball Snack.

The Caramel Corns & Peanut Snack was like Cracker Jack flavored Cheetos. It was pretty good and one that I would probably try again. Not too sweet and at the same time sweet enough to be enjoyable. While this is a Korean snack it definitely has an American taste profile.

Orion Peanut and Squid Ball Snack was bought with no real idea of what we were getting beyond the peanut we could see in the picture and that these date back Since 1976. The rest of the bag was in Korean (I think). So these were – not good. They were not sweet and had an underlying fish/shrimp flavor that drowned out the peanut taste. After the puffed caramel corn these were decidedly bad and not much better the next day after the palate was clean. This is probably more of a Korean flavor taste profile and probably well liked given their 42 years in business. For me? I would avoid them.