So I know I didn’t give most people nearly enough time to get their jack-o-lantern pictures emailed. I’ll keep adding to this as they come in -or- as the case with some of them as I find cool ones on the internet. Either way works.

More pictures after the jump – thanks to the folks that mailed them in and if you haven’t sent yours yet please add to the collection.

It will be a slow night for trick-or-treating (or candy bag stealing – we’re on to you Nick) so you may as well take a picture and email it over. The little guy to the right is currently sitting on the front porch welcoming the ghost and goblins of RenPark (and some that might be from down the road a bit) to try their luck at the candy lottery. That’s right – I have both Whoppers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Someone is going to be disappointed.

More jack-o-lanterns after the jump. For the scholarly amongst you – read about the history of ol’ jack.