One of our fav places to grab a cocktail is Dram & Draught. They just released their Winter cocktail menu. They have the perfect drinks to warm up during these cold winter months.

What we had to drink:

The Farmhouse Social which is made with Social House Vodka, NC Farmer’s Market jam, fresh lime juice, soda, and a mint sprig.

The 12 Point Buck which is made with Virgin 101 Charcoal Filtered Bourbon, D&D ginger syrup, brown sugar, fresh lime juice, Angostura bitters, Premium American Lager, and candied ginger.

As always these winter drinks did not disappoint. I hope they put the Farmhouse Social on the menu permanently. That drink is delicious.

Make sure to stop by Dram & Draught and grab one of their winter drinks. Cheers.