We’re getting closer to the end and with that I decided to go for a beer with a big punch – Smithfield’s Double Barley Thrilla in Vanilla Porter.  This is an amazing beer both in its “standard” format and in the amazing Fight Series that took a great beer and had fun with it without losing what made the original great. (At least in the Rounds I tried.) This is a beer anyone should be excited to find under their Christmas Tree or Hanukkah Menorah.

ABOUT THE ORIGINAL THRILLA: One of our oldest friends reviewed the business plan and had only two suggestions (1) include finger puppets of ourselves in the business plan and (2) rename the vanilla porter. We took both very seriously and immediately put them into action. Little did we know that brainstorming would lead us to the epic fight in Manila. We loved the name Thrilla’ in Vanilla’ and what really cemented it for us was picturing vanilla beans duking it out! Trust us, this beer is knock out!