Stop number 2 on our Advent Beer Calendar takes us to Asheville, NC and Burial Beer Company. Cocoa Bolo is a 5.6% ABV / 20 IBU brown ale brewed with French Broad Chocolate and coconut.

This was once a path of subtlety. And now we give it excess. But thats life. We only get one turn around this fireball of biological genesis. I can no longer place a cloak of apathy upon the glaring eyes of this seductively maleficent quagmire. Its time has come. It shall perish no more. Made with loads of chocolate nibs from French Broad Chocolate, piles of coconut, hoards for grain and smatterings of brown sugar. All the things you have already imagined, will happen. Dreams aren’t delicate. Delicacies are dreams.

This is a great beer and one you should definitely try if you haven’t.