On the fourteenth day of beer-vent we had a Rye Pale Ale with 4.7% ABV and 49 IBUs from Steel String in Carrboro. I am a fan of rye beers (most things rye really) and this is a great example of one. It isn’t too bitter and has a nice hoppy flavor. All around good stuff.

Chapel Hill’s most revered recording studio gives this American Session Pale Ale it’s name. Rubber Room is an everyday drinker that’s made with North Carolina grown rye. Rubber Room is less bitter than many pale ales, and is light in color only. It is hop forward without being overwhelming and has a heavy citrus nose, with lemon, lime and grapefruit notes. Plus, at around 4.0% ABV you can have a couple and still hit all the right notes. From the Brewer’s Log: This was a very challenging beer to make. The low alcohol content makes it very delicate. So I decided to focus on the hop profile, making it apparent but not dominating. I achieved this by focusing on citrus flavors, and especially some lemon and lime flavors from New Zealand Motueka hops. It finishes dry and crisp, with only a slight biscuit malt profile. I think of this beer as the perfect drink for sitting on in the sand at Atlantic Beach, throwing into a bag at the (frisbee) golf course or just for sitting around Carrboro and people watching.