We were introduced to Camp Craft Cocktails through a neighbor. She said she knew we would love them and she was right!

Camp Craft Cocktails were created by Rhonda and Suzannah. They enjoy the art of cocktails and the joy of community. Together they’ve created a company that builds both. And I must say they make a pretty darn good drink.

So what is it? It is a jar with ingredients, you add your own liquor (they make suggestions on what it might pair well with), let it sit for a few days, and just like that, you have an amazing drink.

We tried the Sweater Weather which has ginger root, vegan marshmallows, whole cinnamon, and citrus-infused vegan sugar. We paired it with SQRRL peanut butter whiskey which was so good.

They have so many great sounding flavors we want to try. You can check them out online here or share some local love by buying them at Deco in Downtown Raleigh.