Congratulations to Brice’s Brewing that held their soft opening on January 14. The brewery is located at 1822 Garner Station Blvd in Raleigh.

Brice’s Brewing’s mission statement: We are purveyors of truly inspired beer made with the utmost care for people who seek craft brew at a reasonable price.

We stopped by Saturday to try a couple of their beers. What we had to drink:

Indecisive Rye IPA
With cascade, centennial, summit, and a over 5lbs. of citra hops, this IPA is slightly bitter with more of a focus on aroma and mouthfeel. it is fruity, with a dry bite from the carbonation and finishes with a balancing rye Spiciness.

Table Side Confessions Belgian Tripel
With Dominant flavors of orange, orange zest, and a slight banana back note, this tripel finishes dry, which lends to a slight peppery taste. This interaction of flavors makes you forget the alcohol, but not the flavor.

Their taproom is open the Wednesday through Sunday so you can check them out yourself.

P.S. – This brewery is almost within walking distance of the house.