We wanted to celebrate the weekend with a little treat so we decided to check out Brecotea Baking Studio. It is located on Kildaire Farm Road next to Goodberry’s. They have been open for three weeks now. Their concept is natural and seasonal ingredients, committed to making the freshest products daily. Their chefs are dedicated to creating extraordinary taste through the finest craftsmanship. They also create an elegant environment for customers.

We enjoyed lots of treats – here is what we had:

  • Matcha Sweet Potato Bun
  • Butter Pork Floss Bun
  • Chocolate Bun
  • Bubble Milk Tea
  • Boba Brown Sugar Coffee

My favorite by far was the Bubble Milk tea. It was out of this world. The chocolate bun was soooo yummy too. If you are looking for a treat make sure to stop by Brecotea Baking Studio.