We attended Beer Camp in Raleigh last weekend. It was the largest craft beer celebration. The event is a collaboration that brings craft brewers together in craft-centric cities across the United States. It was a great event. They had over 80 different breweries from North
Carolina and beyond.  The event was great, because we got to try lots of different beers. One of the highlights- Cigar City’s Birthday Beer. It was pretty amazing.

The thing that was really cool about the event is that profits from Beer Camp will benefited the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild which is a not-for-profit industry trade organization whose mission is to advance the interests of the craft breweries of North Carolina and to
promote North Carolina craft beer. North Carolina has the largest number of craft breweries in the American South, with more than 200 breweries and brewpubs.

We spoke with Margo Metzger with the North Carolina Brewer’s Guild about how they benefited from Beer Camp this year, “Our guild benefited greatly from hosting Beer Camp in Raleigh this year. We were able to spread the good word about North Carolina beer, and we raised $10,000 for our nonprofit association.”

We also caught up with Jamie Bartholomaus Foothills Brewing President and Co-Owner.  Foothills Brewing opened in 2005 with a 200+ seat restaurant and brewpub; and then built a 50 bbl production facility (opened in 2012), with a tasting room on site.  Beer camp, like all  beer festivals, gave Fooothills Brewing a chance to come in direct contact with many current Foothills beer drinkers and other beer lovers who haven’t tried our beers in a low risk setting (2 ounces at a time).  Foothills participates in many of these festivals across the southeast to raise awareness for our brands.

I would call Beer Camp a wonderful success. They raised some funds for a great cause and gave breweries an opportunity to reach current and new beer fans. Make sure to keep the party going this summer and buy a Beer Camp 12-pack from Sierra Nevada. Cheers.