Barrel Culture has been in Durham since 2017. They opened their Raleigh location in June.

Their concept? They are a collection of friends, who all started out as craft beer lovers and decided to start a brewery. I have been following them for a while on Instagram and was excited to try them out.

We love sours and IPAs so we decided to get a couple of those. We tried their banana pudding IPA and their peach skillet sour. Y’all these did not disappoint. The Yard Banana pudding is banana, vanilla wafers, and is delicious. It is a Milkshake IPA and is one of the best ones we’ve had this year. It is soooo soooo good. Now for the peach skillet. This has hints of cinnamon and vanilla and is a yummy sour. If you’d ask me to pick just one though I’d go for the banana pudding.

If you are in North Raleigh make sure to stop by Barrel Culture and enjoy a beer. They are also offering cans and bottles to go which is what we did and you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home.