There is no shortage of good BBQ joints in western North Carolina. Buxton Hall is newer to the BBQ scene and a bit more fancy if a BBQ joint can be called fancy.

Buxton Hall has opened its doors in August of 2015. They are located in Asheville on the South Slope in the old Standard Paper Sales Company building. The space was at one time a roller ink, a boat showroom, and auto shops. The location is the perfect venue for a BBQ restaurant.

So much of Buxton Hall Barbecue was inspired by the venue chosen for the job: the old Standard Paper Sales Company building at 32 Banks Ave in the South Slope.

It’s an enormous, historic space that once served as a wood-floored roller rink in the 1930s, a boat showroom before that, and various auto shops that had witnessed history in the making.

So enough about the space, how’s the food? Amazing! We visited Buxton Hall last year and enjoyed our dinner so much we had to go back. This time I tried the chicken sandwich as seen in April’s Our State Magazine. The Original Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich has pimento & American cheese and is served with white BBQ sauce with pickles. I opted for the macaroni salad as the side. What a great decision.

You cannot skip dessert here. They have their very own in-house bakery. We chose the banana pudding pie. Holy cow, was it amazing! Also, your pro-tip for the day is you can order your pie ahead of time and take one home.

If you find yourself in Asheville, make sure to go to Buxton Hall. It is no surprise that they have been nominated for a James Beard Award. Great food and location.