Leftovers Recipe CardHave you ever planned for leftovers? We went to Perry’s for their $16 Pork chop lunch special. At lunch, you get a five-finger high pork chop served with whipped potatoes and homemade applesauce that is to die for. Perry’s is a steakhouse. So why would you order a pork chop at a steakhouse? Because it is amazing. They rub it with a secret blend of seasonings, slow smoke it, and finish it in the oven with their herb garlic butter. These pork chops are not for the faint of heart.

How can you not have leftovers?

They are huge! Which they have a solution for. Too much to eat all at once? Take it home with you and makeover your leftovers. Celebrity Chef Rick Moonen created recipes for their world-famous pork chop. It was too much for me to finish so I took mine to go The suggested recipe was Perry’s white bean pork chili, which I might have to check out. Want to get the recipe? Go and check Perry’s out for yourself and get the pork chop. You won’t regret it. #LeftOverChopChallenge

Makeover your leftovers!

Beautifully seasoned and grilled

Makeover your leftovers!

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