Continuing our tour of Knightdale we made a quick stop in the Oak City Brewing Company – just a short walk from the Lassiter Distillery Co. Maybe it’s me but moving to downtown Knightdale doesn’t seem like the worst idea ever.

Our Tap House is a 1920s bungalow nestled in historic downtown Knightdale overlooking Knightdale Station Park. We are your neighborhood brewery, a place to get together with friends and family.

The brewery/tap house is serving a good variety of beers and it is my understanding they are in the process of brewing and have plans to serve their own beer in the near future. They have a great outdoor space that opens to the park and leaves you feeling like you are in a much more remote location. I was a little curious about the name of the location and fortunately, they cleared this up on their website:

In all seriousness we do get asked this a lot so much so that we decided to put something on our website about it.  People seem intrigued because Oak City is naturally more commonly seen in Raleigh and yet we are located in Knightdale. So whats the story?

The story is there really isn’t a story. We love the outdoors, have always thought Oak City Brewing Company was a cool name that tied back to the local area of Raleigh which is right next door to Knightdale (named a National Arbor Day tree city for 14 years in a row) city and just by chance our new location has a beautiful big oak tree with a backdrop of a 76 acre park so come sit beneath our oak and have a cold beer with us. Bring your family and/or your dog too.

If you are in the area this is a great stop and if you live in or around Knightdale this should be a regular stop. It is a little far for us on a regular basis but we’ll be keeping an eye out for their beer when it moves from concept to the taps.