In honor of Pi Day (3.14/March 14th) I am sharing my Raspberry Pi home server setup. The tiny Linux-based machine roughly the size of a pack of cards is running a print server, a file server, an Apache web server with MySQL and PHP, remote desktop services and Pi-hole the DNS ad blocker. A lot of work for a little guy but with a CaraDMc and I being the only users in the house I think it will work.

The image above is a look at the desktop and the images below are the actual setup including three external disks equally 4TB of storage. I did my write-up on the unit itself last year and I am finally getting around to replacing my large (and very power-hungry server) with the little guy. I am still learning but I think that is the point. These small but versatile computers will help you learn Linux as you go.

As far as a comparison to the previous Windows-based machine it replaced? It isn’t a fair match-up and the little guy is definitely running circles around the problem beast. So happy Pi Day and if you are interested the parts list is in the previous post. For the low price of about $70 it is more than worth checking out.