Little known fact is I didn’t start my career as a blogger. I actually had to work to get to the status of ‘text for hire’ and to get there I worked at a national pizza chain making pizzas and occasionally a calzone or two and in rare cases even a stromboli. My red roofed establishment only had a little depth to the menu. It’s been a long time but are any of us ever too far away from those early jobs we had to pay the bills? Probably not. So this is a great recipe from Rachael Ray for a Buffalo Chicken Stromboli that is simple and can be prepped in advance for a quick dinner.

CaraDMc made the ‘stuffing’ and I rolled a giant stromboli just like I would have in the old days of wearing a uniform to work. The interior is a combination of chicken, carrots, celery and a well-balanced hot sauce to give a Buffalo style flavor. Add some cheese regular and blue if you like it and this is like eating a pizza and wings at once. I guess I could have made multiple smaller stombolis but one large one seemed like more fun and less work. If you try this at home you can do either.

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