In a state that was once known for tobacco we are making a name for ourselves in the land of another vice – premium beer. The latest addition to our hops-laden resume is Raleigh’s own Trophy Brewing Company.  We went on a behind the scenes tour and got to see one of the smallest production facilities I’ve seen. In a bar that may not sit a dozen Trophy Brewing is creating unique and flavorful beers in less space than most breweries use to store their product. Proof that good things can come in small packages. The theme of the bar echos their name and trophies of all shapes and purpose fill the bar and even the taps.

With a great slate of offerings we opted for The King – a peanut butter and banana beer – and got a growler to go. In tasting this beer I would have to say I really like the peanut/peanut butter flavor in a beer. I would have to compare it to Liquid Bliss from Terrapin in its pronounced peanut taste with very little aftertaste. I don’t really taste a strong banana flavor but I think that may be for the best. Overall this is a beer I would definitely have again and now that I bought my growler why not go for a refill?

Trophy Brewing has big plans for their small space so keep an eye out for an expanded sitting area, patio and restaurant soon with pizza on the menu.