Our transportation during this trip was primarily provided by the cruise ship Carnival Victory a rather large and extremely well-appointed vessel. The iconic red, white and blue smoke stack loomed above the multiple pools, hot tubs, bars, water slide, mini golf and of course endless food options. It was a nice ship with a very interesting multinational staff.

She was launched in 2000, as one of the largest cruise ships existing. Her sister, Carnival Destiny, was the largest passenger ship ever built as measured by gross tonnage, and the first passenger ship larger than the 1940-built RMS Queen Elizabeth. Victory’s structure is similar to Destiny, although Carnival Triumph, and her both included an extra deck. Carnival Victory sailed out of New York upon launch, and is currently sailing 7-day cruises out of San Juan, PR. [SOURCE]

With a total capacity of close to 3,000 passengers and over 1,000 crew it is amazing how well the overall operation runs. And for those of you aware of my ability to get seasick sitting by the pool – I am happy to report that I had no issues this time and the trip included multiple rides on different sea-faring vessels.  So maybe the tide has turned on my issue and I can enjoy more water based activities. Of course I still feel a lot of movement like I am on the water and I have been on dry ground for over 24 hours. Hopefully this will pass soon but until then a short walk when I start to feel it solves the problem pretty well.

The pictures below show some of the ornate designs on the ship.


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