Today is the day. That’s right – Kirby Derby Day “The end of the world” and as far as we know it could be the last KDD ever. Damn you Mayan neighbors that won’t mind your own business. Or was it the Aztecs? Either way – the beast is ready to ride.


And win.

That’s right – I am predicting a win. We have a fast cart, a fearless driver, and the best redneck pit crew this side of NASCAR. I’m calling it now. Go ahead and make us 1-0 and if the end of the world prediction holds true we’ll be the GREATEST KDD WINNER EVER. Call your bookie – bet your mortgage – this is a sure thing.

So there you have it. Make your prediction in the comment section s but I see a track record in our future and hardware being passed around on mantles for months to come.





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