Did you know the largest American wholesaler of handcrafted Italian tableware is about 40 minutes from Raleigh? We had heard the rumors and even seen the signs on I-40 but we had never visited the Vietri Outlet until today. It was a pretty impressive sale – the products aren’t exactly cheap and even with a sale we didn’t walk away with a ton of merchandise. To give you an idea – this sculpture of a horse and rider retails for $769 in the outlet it is priced at $369 – less than half of retail.

Great deal? Really depends on how you value Italian pottery. Me? I just renamed Randy to Mario – here I come eBay!

One of my favorite things at the sale was this sign – PERFECT for wedding gifts! Mix & Match! SLIGHTLY FLAWED

For some reason the idea of presenting something as both PERFECT and SLIGHTLY FLAWED seems well ironic. Throw in the idea of a wedding gift and well… irony be damned – they nailed it.

Overall the trip wasn’t terrible. No – it wasn’t a trip to the Lego store but it was very interesting to see the warehouse and all the unique pottery and tableware. More pictures after the jump – I would suggest this as a day trip when they are having the warehouse sale – even if you don’t want to purchase anything.