Thanks to Travis for the image to the right. Yes – that is supposedly a real campaign in France. No – I don’t know if I would eat a hamburger on a black bun. At the same time I wonder why the Jedi Burger isn’t green for Yoda or at least covered in guacamole.

A little research shows that Quick (the restaurant) is pretty much a French McDonald’s (of Belgian origin) that oddly enough does not salt their fries. “Plus ou moins salés: à vous de décider”

That’s really as far as I can stretch this post. If you happen to be in Belgium, France, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Andorra, Luxembourg, Spain, Russia or Armenia where Quick is located drop a Jedi Burger in the mail. Odds are it will look like a Dark Vador Burger by the time it reaches me.

UPDATE: And why exactly is THIS coming out AFTER Christmas? (THX BobG)



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