The Raleigh Christmas Parade is the “largest parade between Washington, DC and Atlanta” which sounds impressive until you realize we are beating out Charlotte for that title and everyone knows Raleigh > Charlotte so… no surprise.  It is a great parade highlighted this year by a giant inflatable Muppet, Star Wars Carolina Garrison, some guy from some karaoke television show, naked guy, and much more – even Santa Claus.

I almost forgot to mention the GIANT INFLATABLE TOILET sponsored by the City of Raleigh’s Public Works. Want to know why your water rates are going up? Promotion. We are promoting your use of the toilet. No more outhouses. Wait? We paid for this. Unreal.

Overall it is a great parade and something that really makes the city look good. The picture to the right is courtesy our own BobG – more after that are completely my fault. BTW – naked guy did put a shirt on before the parade was over. Pants? We just don’t know.