Or maybe it is the computer. Or maybe it is this headache I can’t shake (sinus infection?). Or maybe it is this new Firefox upgrade. For some reason I’ve been chasing my tail fixing websites today. I still don’t have all the Facebook icons showing up to the right. Who knows?  Still waiting on the Deep Fried Blog of the NC State Fair to announce the winner of the Deep Fried Ambassador. Maybe they tried my alternate email address. Either way – I am behind on blogging. (Sorry Nick!)

So – here we are. I am going to attempt a real blog post tomorrow on something. Suggestions? Feel free to add them to the comments section.

Yes – I tried to get a photo of golf cart jesus this weekend but things just didn’t work out. I’ll scan the photos that were taken by others and see if any of them show him in all his “country western” regalia.  That was unfortunately the highlight of the entire weekend. Maybe that’s why my head hurts.

Either way – stay tuned. Something is going to break soon and when it does I’ll get the call to fix it. This much I know.

Congrats to Amy Lewis from The Practical Cook blog on being the new Deep Fried Ambassador. Guess they didn’t really go on strength of resume. Oh well – maybe next year.


  1. If you knew somebody who could shoot and edit video, you might have given her a run for the money. Damn. You’re just not creative enough when you have sinus headaches.
    Blog topics?
    Rate the kitchen tours, including this past weekend’s.
    Discuss Russell Wilson.
    Discuss Halloween 2011. (plans and costumes)
    Discuss the SpaceCoast Marathon.

  2. Yeah – it didn’t say anything about video. How was I supposed to know. I am guessing you got my tutorial. Now if I can get Nick to sing my theme music I am set.

    No kitchen tour this weekend a) no alcohol (that isn’t really an excuse) b) if you saw the food you would have avoided the kitchen too. Russell Wilson? Not touching that with a ten foot pole. I do need Halloween ideas – planning on going to a real Halloween party this year. SpaceCoast Marathon – wonder if they have a 1/2 1/2 marathon – I might be able to train for that.

    Good blog ideas. Let me know when you’ve read up on how to do that camera thing.

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