Carolina Classics at the Capital returns to downtown Raleigh for a weekend packed with 100s of cars both in the convention center and lined up on Fayetteville Street. You saw a preview of the cars from the Random Photos post earlier this weekend but Sunday morning was a good time to go downtown, meet up with the family and look at the cars parked outside before the crowd hit.

We got there earlier on Sunday morning and had fun walking around with relatively few people out and an awesome breeze. I saw a lot of cars I would like and even more I with I could afford. We left shortly after the music started and well before the crowd filled in but I don’t think we missed any of the cars. We did opt not to go inside but should this come back again next year we may have to check out some of the cars that they were promoting like the vehicles from the TV show the Munster’s and a 1961 Aston Martin valued at over $2 million. More pictures after the jump.

And no – I am not a car expert and I wasn’t taking notes so your guess is better than mine on the particular make, model or age of the car.  My personal favorite from the show is the one to the right but I would really have to get it painted another color if I ever wanted Travis to ride in it.


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