So I am in the planning stage for my new addiction addition to the house Lego collection in the form of a train set. So far I have Emerald Night (10194) and the Cargo Train (7939) making up my engine set and the cars that come with each of those.  I am working on the track design with the free version of AnyRail and have temporarily taken over the dining room table until a permanent home for display can be found.  (The actual time limit on temporarily may or may not depend on when the next dinner engagement may be at the house.)

More pictures after the jump – remember this is a first look so expect more-better-different before I post again. I am taking suggestions on where and how to display the set and yes – temporarily means it has to leave the dining room at some point. I am thinking with the right design a shelf or even suspended from the ceiling could be pretty awesome. You suggestions and web finds are more than welcome in the comments.


  1. He is welcome to come over anytime. I’m still working on the track and trying to make it loop the way I want before it goes to its permanent home upstairs.

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