DSC_6550I know – the Tarheel to the right is probably making you ask yourself if you are on the right website. You are. At least I suppose you are. (If they lose tomorrow I might consider it a jinx and have him up here more often.) Either way they advanced to the Sweet 16 so they get a short run on the front page. Doesn’t mean I plan on cheering for them but I did like this pic of the mascot so they get top billing.

Recap of round 3 as round four begins tonight – in a word it was awesome. Duke / Michigan and UNC / Washington went down to the wire.  Nothing beats a well contested match especially when the arena is so loud and lively courtesy the Duke and UNC fans. Definitely another great day of basketball. I don’t think you could get much better than the teams we got to see over the weekend.

Non-basketball highlights – oddly enough – seeing Michael Jordan in his box at the game and learning that the Michigan uniforms are an ungodly shade of yellow that even the best TV doesn’t accurately describe – try neon meets highlighter. I always thought they were more of a street sign yellow. They aren’t.

Thanks again to all the traveling companions in Charlotte. I was particularly impressed by the youngest in our group. He was a trooper and if Duke or UNC runs the tables on the tournament will he ever have a story to tell when he gets older. Might impress one of the ladies in his freshman class in 17 or so years.  Enjoy the pics…