We found these for the first time in Starbucks and immediately saw the overwhelming utility in the small plastic device.  I wondered why no one had thought of it before now.  The best way to describe it is a short (maybe 4 inch long) stick that will block the tiny hole that you drink from while transporting your coffee.  Yes – I know BobG just said “that’s what she said” and even I am not sure why.

I know these aren’t new.  A little poking around the internet showed me that they date back to at least 2008.  This might be the first time I noticed them but I am shocked that I am not seeing them everywhere that serves coffee.  No – I don’t spill much and unless the drink is unusually hot I don’t have to worry a lot about it splashing out.  That being said anyone picking up coffee for someone else would likely appreciate having the “splash stick” in the cups they are carrying.  Again – maybe late to the party but no less impressed with this innovation.  Other coffee places should take note.